Elastic agent and filebeat installation in windows PC

We are using Elasticsearch 7.17.4.

The objective is to collect the metrics and logs from Windows PC. Currently, using Elastic agents to send the logs and metrics to Elasticsearch.

In one of the use cases, we are required to send the log files to Logstash which is not possible using the elastic agents.

My question is, can we install filebeat (in the same PC where elastic agent is installed) to send the log files to Logstash?

Thanks in advance.

This is not exactly accurate, LS output was possible only with standalone agent in 7.17 per doc, while fleet is the recommended way to deploy the agent. Logstash output was added with fleet from 8.2.0 per release notes and GA from 8.4

Yes this is possible, if agent integration uses filebeat, it will be in a different folder which is not an issue as the data folder of filebeat installed by the agent is separate.
Obviously with filebeat you would then need to follow filebeat documentation (or winlogbeat in case you need to collect event logs)


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