Advice for a Active Session graph

Dear ES forum,
I am facing a problem with elastic search and I would like to ask an advice from some expert member.
In my ES I have an index which is basically a streaming server log (e.g. it's actually radio streaming log).
The important field I have in my logs are:

  • the closing session timestamp (e.g "@timestamp": "2020-02-18T10:47:52.000Z")
  • the time in seconds this session lasted (e.g. "requestTime": 52)

This log means that the user was listening the radio from 2020-02-18T10:47:00.000Z to 2020-02-18T10:47:52.000Z
I have thousands of this log ingested in ES.
I was requested to graph the Sessions Graph minute by minute but I don't know how to have this graph.

Some of you have some idea?


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