Session Counter over time Visualisation


I have the following Data:
Timestamp, SessionState (Opened), SessionID
Timestamp, SessionState (Closed), SessionID

And I need to visualize the amount of open sessions at "timeframe". Is this somehow possible with Kibana? Maybe some Tvsb curve? Vega is a little bit too much for my sry.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @gruselglatz

How is your data being indexed? Perhaps we could get the data into Elasticsearch like -

SessionID, TimestampOpened, TimestampClosed

which would make the query simple.

Hey @mattkime thanks for the fast answer.

Unfortunately i only get the messages like this:

2020-08-26 07:41:23.609 [4] 00000000 Client (host=stw4ts1, sessionId=4e2): Open WebSocket connection
2020-08-26 07:41:26.813 [4] 00000000 Client (host=stw4ts1, sessionId=4e2, applicationId=WebApp): Close WebSocket connection

Is this then even possible? With some math or scripting?


You either need to change how you ingest the data or post process the documents.

Here's a discussion around a similar need - Calculation time difference between two document

Thanks, I finally convinced them to give the APM-Agent a try, and i collect the Stats now via JMX. :slight_smile:

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