Affect of disparate CPU speeds on cluster

I've replaced some ESX hosts with new ones and used the old hosts to replace two nodes already in my ES cluster and add two more, for a total of five data nodes. That means I have one node with a CPU that benchmarks less than half the other four. Is this a problem? If so, would I actually get more speed out of the cluster by using the four faster nodes and removing the slower one?

For the most part, querying Elasticsearch will go as fast as the slowest node.

Thank you for your reply. I'm aware the search will only be as fast as the slowest node. My question is - will I be better off minus the slower node even though I'll have one fewer nodes.

That depends on your requirements and how slow that node actually makes things.

You can always setup hot/warm/cold tiering to allow that node to hold data.

You can use the Kibana profile tool with queries that will use both fast and slow nodes. See how much difference there is between them, then decide if it matters.

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