After 5.4 upgrade, problems with Dev Tools


Hello everybody,

After upgrading the stack to 5.4 (with X-Pack enabled before and SSL settings), I am receiving the following issue using the console on Kibana:

  "statusCode": 502,
  "error": "Bad Gateway",
  "message": "unable to verify the first certificate"

I shall indicate that I'm using the same settings from the 5.3 version and there were no problems with certificates. Why is this problem happening?

(Benoit Dunand Laisin) #2

Hi, I got the same issue. Still no clue.

(Sergiolr100) #3

Hi all!

Someone could solve this?


(Benoit Dunand Laisin) #4

Hi, it's a known issue which should be fixed in 5.4.1:

Adding this to kibana.yml is the workaround:

    - ssl.verify: false


Thanks @Benoit-DunandLaisin. The workaround is doing great.

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