After enabling xpack in ES how do i login in Kibana

I have version 7.6 of the ELK stack
After enabling Xpack in ES and providing passwords to the elasticsearch-setup-passwords.bat file . Now i added one of the passwords to the kibana.yml file(to connect to ES). Now, kibana is not starting up. it is showing username password. If i try ES credentials here then also it is not working

So it has started, or it won't even run?

Kibana does starts up but shows a Uid password box....i don't know where to get the login credentials for kibana. i just enabled it in ES now it is asking for the same in Kibana. how do i set passwords in Kibana.

try to use command and set users for Kibana
/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive
After this set Screenshot from 2020-05-08 13-51-34 in kibana.yml

Already done the above that u mentioned. Now Kibana is also asking for password(view screenshot) .the ones i provided to ES are not working here.

after i try to login uisng ES crendentials , it shows the below error

isseue resolved by using elastic user rather than kibana user

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