After restarting, all saved objects disappeared in Kibana

Hi team,

We are using Elasticsearch and Kibana (7.10.2) deployed on our Kubernetes cluster. After restarting the Kibana deployment, all of our saved objects were gone. They seem to be stored in Elasticsearch but somehow Kibana does not recognize them. What should we do to restore them and how can we prevent this from ever happening again?


Can you make sure Kibana is connected to the right Elasticsearch cluster and is configured to actually use .kibana as it's internal index (this can be changed via environment variable)?

I appreciate your answer. I got a question though: How can I make sure Kibana uses the ".kibana" as it's internal index?

Checking whether something else is configured in a kibana.yml file / via environment variable

Thanks @flash1293, I was able to find that after curator deletes the .kibana index, Kibana just creates something like .kibana_1 index. Huge thanks again

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