After the create Index pattern in kibana, my hard disk becomes full


Hello everybody

after I have installed ELK and create the index pattern, my Hard Disk "C:" is full ,and I do not know why ...
I am very thankful if someone has an idea

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Hey Fatemeh, The index pattern page will create a document but it shouldn't be more then a few kilobytes at most.

Can you check if the hardriveis generally full?


That can not be, every time I start the ELK the memory space is completely full
I can not figure out why :(((((


I found the mistake :slight_smile:
I searched with SpaceSniffer my memory place and noticed that very stuff can not be read, they were a lot of jruby files in c: / windows / temp then I deleted all of them, now I have a lot of memory space on the C :slight_smile:


but I'm interested to know where do these dada come from?

(Jon Budzenski) #6

It's hard to say. Logstash uses jruby so it's possible that was taking up some space in /tmp. Any ideas if the files were related to logstash?

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