After Upgrade 6.2.4 to 6.3: Broken UI @ Discover/Vis/Dashboard

Hi Guys,
i updated my Stack from 6.2.4 to 6.3 and after the Upgrade the User Interface is broken. It's not possible to work with "Discover","Visualisation" and "Dashboard".

I downgraded to 6.2.4 and there is everything fine. Upgrade back to 6.3 and it's broken again.
Do you have some tipps how can i resolve the problem? Because i dind't find another issue/topic like that i think it's not a generel problem

Thank you

Had the same issue. I manually removed the x-pack folder from the plugins folder. Also removed all of the community plugins I had in that folder. Restarted and after Kibana ran an optimize, everything returned to normal. Hope that helps you as well.

Thank you :slight_smile: X-Pack was already removed but there was one other folder in the plugin dir. I moved the folder, upgraded Kibana and it works normal now :slight_smile:

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