Aggregate value in columns

I want to create a table aggregate the data in both rows and columns. But it seems to me that I can only aggregate the value in the row. Below is a more detailed description of my issue. Is there any possible way to solve it?

I am using elasticsearch-7.5.2 and kibana-7.5.2 for 64 bit Windows .

----Input data: is formatted as in Table 1 from Excel.
----ElasticSearch Data:is then created based on the input data as shown in as in Table 2. for each record, we add _index as " yearly_exp_2018 " , _type as 'exp' and a unique _id.
----First Expected Table: is as in Table 3:

  • Aggregate the records by the field " ASSET/LIABILITY CLASS "in the row,
  • Also aggregate the records by the field " Borrower " in the column. Field " Borrower " has two values: "Sovereign" and "Non-Sovereign"
  • calculate the sum of gross exposure for column "Sovereign" and "Non-Sovereign"
  • show the percentage of each class as of the total in column "%"
    ----Kibana Table for First Expected Table** I can generate is as in Table 4:
  • I cannot aggregate data in the column in Kibana. So Table 4 is what I get from Kibana. It can only slit the results into two different tables

Hi, unfortunately there is no support for pivoting tables, there is a github issue to track that request and my sense is that it should be something doable with Canvas, maybe with a bit of visual hacking to coordinate tables and bar chats together to produce something close to your Table 3 output.

Sorry for not giving you more concrete answers but more of a possible path.

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