Aggregating fields without indexing it

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Hi all,
Trying to follow the example from here, I marked all of the fields as not indexed - but supposibly they should be aggregate-able.
According to Kibana over the same fields, they are not.
Looking into a solution, enabling doc_values suppose to do it - but seems like it does not work, and the dynamic field created does not have the doc_values enabled.

Meanwhile it seems I must enable indexing for all fields in order to aggregate.
Is this a known issue ?
I am working on ES 5.

Thanks in advance,

(Mark Harwood) #2

I just tried this using elasticsearch directly:

PUT test
   "settings": {
	  "number_of_replicas": 0,
   "mappings": {
	  "test": {
		 "properties": {
			"longField": {
			   "type": "long",
POST test/test
GET test/_search

Elasticsearch correctly produces an aggregation because doc_values are available (setting doc_values explicitly to false in the mapping breaks this).
I tried pointing Kibana at the same index and as you suggest it failed to recognise this as an aggregatable field. I suggest you raise this in the Kibana forum as that seems to be where the issue is.

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OK there is an issue here with the metadata elasticsearch provides to Kibana to determine what is aggregatable. The api Kibana uses [1] currently only returns "isAggregatable" info on indexed fields.
We'll take a closer look on how to address this but for now to work with Kibana it looks like the worka-around is you'll need indexed fields (with the baggage that incurs).


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