The string fields are not aggregatable in kibana 6.4

(Arunoday Das) #1

The string/text fields in my index are shown as not aggregateble in kibana. Only the .keyword fields are shown as aggregatable. I would like to perform aggregation on the raw fields(not_analyzed fields) as well. Please help!

(Marius Dragomir) #2

What kind of aggregation are you trying to do on those fields? A term aggregation should be fine, just like in this ES example:

(Arunoday Das) #3

Actually I have created a table visualization for pages and corresponding error count. The idea is when I click on a particular page name, it should take me to the raw data with that page name applied. However, since the page names have forward slashes, they are getting tokenized and the search yields all results which have either of these tokens as you can see in the screenshots. Can you please help me achieve a complete match for the page names(where the slashes would be ignored). I am new to the ELK stack so any help is greatly appreciated!


(Marius Dragomir) #4

You can try escaping the forward slashes in your query.

(system) #5

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