Aggregations and calculations


I've just started using Elasticsearch + Kibana and I've come up to a problem.

I'm collecting two kind of documents at the moment which data logs are being transfered to Elasticsearch when:

  1. When the website is being visited by a user (let's say the data is: website_name, travel_destination, price_shown)
  2. When the user purchases a ticket (let's say the data is: website_name, travel_destination, price_shown, some_custom_data).

The question is, can I somehow calculate CR* from these two documents and visualize it in one data table so I could do all the filtering by the website and/or travel_destination and get it's conversion rate?

  • The CR ( conversion rate ) would be count(number2event) / count(number1event) * 100.

If anything's unclear, let me know.


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