Alerting API for v7.10

Hey! Is there a way to collect Alert Rules and a history of Alerts via the API from ELK version 7.10 ?
In the documentation the Alerting API is available only since the 7.13 version. Is there a way to get this data on the 7.10 ?

Hey @Ewen_Field,

Thanks for your question! I wasn't able to find the docs for 7.10 like you mentioned but we do have a README in the source code that outlines the APIs I believe: kibana/x-pack/plugins/alerts at 7.10 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

I'm not sure how accurate that documentation is but it's probably a good starting point. If you run into errors my suggestion would be to look at the route definitions which exist here: kibana/x-pack/plugins/alerts/server/routes at 7.10 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Thank you! I'll look into it

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

FYI that version is EOL and no longer supported, you should be looking to upgrade as a matter of urgency.

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