Alerting from machine learning (cloud 6.5.2)

Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but the xpack board where I thought it should have gone looks to be closed.

I've imported some request rate data into a cloud elastic instance running elastic and kibana 6.5.2 with machine learning enabled.

I've created a machine learning job to monitor the data within that which I care about.

It's identifying some anomolies, not a lot but then the system is running healthy so I don't really expect any but I have ideas of how to tweek the job so it gives me fewer more useful anomolies. For the moment a little noise is helpful though as I want to set up alerts. Ultimatly via web hooks to report to slack or maybe even something to trigger automated corrective actions like if the reqeuests to the webserver are unusually high, maybe scale it out so it can handle the higher load, for now I'd be happy just to get an email to tell me something should be looked at.

I can't seem to find where I can do this, I've found a lot of stuff online which talks about did it in 5.x where there is a check box to create a watch but I don't seem to have this on my 6.5.2 cloud instance. If anyone can give me any guidance on how to set up notifications for the detected anomolies it would be much appreceated.

Kind regards

update for anyone else having the same issue

I needed to stop the data feed and when I restarted it I was given the option to add a watch. which I've done although I'm now getting an issue with the email not sending

"reason": "554 5.7.1 <'my email'>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied\n"

so trying to work that out and then how to replace it with webhooks.

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