Alerting/Watcher: Unique action for every hit

Is it possible to define one watch sending exactly one email for every hit?

So, if there were two hits in the given interval this one watch sends two emails?

I know it's possible to send these hits to logstash and then send unique emails for each hit, but I would prefer to make it possible only with watcher to keep the configuration simple.

As there are no answers yet, I bet it is not possible at the moment?

So I'll have to choose the way with logstash.


What's the maximum number of hits you could potentially have? If it's reasonable, like 5, you could defined 1 email action for every hit. Otherwise, if you need to send something like hundreds of emails that won't scale at all...

I'm not sure either how you want "to send these hits to logstash"?

Mostly there aren't more than one hit, but in some cases there are two to three hits.

And how? Didn't find out how to iterate through the hits to perform the actions.

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