Alerts how to add very long value as an attachment


I am using alerts to send alerts on slack when there are some high severity messages in the logs. Usually these come with a very long message that spans over multiple slack messages. Is there a way I can tell alerts to put that in an attachment?

Hi Peter,
Attachment aren't currently supported for the Slack actions, sadly. We have an open issue for images/charts support which should get you even closer: Add image/chart support to actions · Issue #49908 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

This issue is even more directly related: [actions] extend Slack support with Block Kit · Issue #88832 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

I have replaced the slack action with the webhook action where I trigger the slack webhook and I have more control over the text I want to show. I just have hard time making very long messages to show as short messages with More link in them.

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