Alias error , with rollover next step index-0002


I have a lifecycle policy with template/alias/index with 5gb and 3 days


good works when the rollover step, close de indextest-00001 and creates a new indextest-00002 but the new index dont write any info, doesnt have any documents , is empty and 450b

i put the alias in indextest-0001 with is_write true , dont show any errors.

i dont know what is the error

Thank you in advance

I see one of the problems is that the index created 0002 dont have the alias although i put

POST /_aliases
  "actions": [
      "add": {
        "index": "indextest-*",
        "alias": "3days5gbalias",
        "is_write_index": true

Can you share your policy please.

Hi, just solve this

but i continue in this one

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