Alias is causing field limit exceed error

(piyush) #1

Hi Team,
I am getting "Fields [1000]" limit error but strange things is, only when i created alias over index. Why so?

In Kibana, if i search for Index settings i can see only 47 fields. but a pattern (alias) is showing 982 fields.

*My program is for Blue-Green deployment and for testing i commented it such a way that, now it is creating new index, then add alias to this index and then load JSON file. (Ideally, alias switch should happen after data load)

Thanks & Regards,

(David Pilato) #2

What gives:

GET /_alias/Youraliasname

(piyush) #3

It shows that Alias is pointing to Index, PFB:

"index-green": {
"aliases": {
"Alias-*": {}

(David Pilato) #4

Is that the real output ?

(piyush) #5

I changed index and alias names, rest is actual.

"aliases": {

(David Pilato) #6

Only one line like this? Could you share the actual response ?

Can you also share the full mapping ?

(piyush) #7

yes, that's the all response.

Please give me sometime, i will share mappings soon.

(system) #8

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