All fields are not listed under metric drop down

I tried to generate pie chat but I could not see all the fields under Metric which I could see from split slices area. What could be the issue here ?

It depends on the actual aggregation, that you choose to visualize. E.g. a terms aggregation, that just creates one bucket per value in the field, can operate on fields of any type, but the most metric aggregations are mathematical operations, e.g. calculate an average or the sum. Those can only operate on numeric fields and not string, or IP fields.

Thank you for quick reply. Based on your comment, I understood in this way.
If my log data is like this as mentioned below
log row one: {"ORDER_TYPE":"New","COUNT_ROWS":4}
log row two: {"ORDER_TYPE":"Change","COUNT_ROWS":10}
log row two: {"ORDER_TYPE":"Delete","COUNT_ROWS":50}

in this case, COUNT_ROWS will appear under Metrics but ORDER_TYPE will not. Is this correct ?

It really depends on which metrics aggregation you select. If you select Average, Sum, Min, Max, etc. only COUNT_ROWS would appear. I think the only metrics aggregation, that currently can also partly work on string fields is Top Hits.

OK, thank you. I'll try this and will get back to you if there are any issues.

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