How to generate Kibana pie chart for mentioned logs

log row one: {"ORDER_TYPE":"New","COUNT_ROWS":"4"}
log row two: {"ORDER_TYPE":"Change","COUNT_ROWS":"10"}
log row two: {"ORDER_TYPE":"Delete","COUNT_ROWS":"50"}

I want to view above data in Pie like each section to be generated with count and legends as ORDER_TYPE. could you suggest me an approach ?

Seems to me that you'd want to do the following:

For "metrics", choose Sum of COUNT_ROWS.
For "buckets", choose Terms for ORDER_TYPE.

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you but under metrics, I could not see fields under metrics which are visible under Split slices. Under metrics, I could only see "Levelofoder", "totalexecutionInmillisecons". Only these two are there under metric section.

Hi, Any updates on this ?

Could you copy/paste your index pattern mapping here?

Issue fixed from this thread

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