All index missing every 1-2 days. What is happening?

I created an instance on Google Cloud, using Elasticsearch Certified by Bitnami.

There is no issue with creating index, but every 1 or 2 days, all index will be mysteriously missing, and I am having hard time troubleshoot it.

  1. Where do the log file located?
  2. While experimenting, the index will also missing after I restart Cloud Instance.

Any help?


What is this exactly? Given it's not something that Elastic produces, there may be changes they have made.

Is the cluster secured? Is it open to the internet? Do you get new indices With meow in the name when your data is deleted?

If you have instead new indices created containing meow In the name, have a look at:

BTW I'd recommend using or the same offer from GCP marketplace.

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Thanks @dadoonet, I realize I can search with or without credentials, which is not right.

Upon running a search of meow/_search, it indeed return successful, and _cat/indices shows a long lists of random number ended with meow, confirm meow attack. Damn cat.

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