Alphabetic to Basic Latin Unicode

How to Elasticsearch Basic Latin character using English Alphabetic

Ex:- Francois to François - c also so to include ç
Ex:- a also to included ā

it's other way around of asciifolding

Why do you want to do this? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Elasticsearch should result latin char also when look for 'carols' it should include both

how can I achieve that? I'm actually new Elasticsearch.

Use this:


Thank you!
asciifolding works for (ā to a).
but is there any class does otrherway around of asciifolding. I want the reverse pattern (a also to included ā)

You do not need it. Analysis is performed both at index and query time. When you index your data ascii folding ensures you index a simplified form. When you send in a query string this is also ascii folded and therefore creates a match.

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