Searching with lithuanian letters

Hey y'all, I need some help- I'm implementing search which is being mainly used by Lithuanians (but not only), and as you probably know we have letters like ą, č, ž and etc, which a lot of us don't always use haha, we often use equivalents of a, c and z instead. So if we have words Dzipas and Džipas (one with z other with ž), how can I make search to return both of those despite of the letter I type?


Have a look at ASCII folding token filter | Elasticsearch Guide [8.3] | Elastic

I'm not sure if I'm using it correcly, but I added it to my index settings, now it looks something like this:

Am I missing something? Since it does not work for my autosuggest :smiley:

Uff, nevermind, changed name of standard_asciifolding to custom_asciifolding (so there wouldn't be duplicates with original? ) and added trim and lowercase to filters, somehow now it works wonders <3

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