Am I the only one who hates the Kibana 7 UX changes (date picker, filters)?

Am I the only one who hates the Kibana 7 UX changes (date picker, filters)?


In Kibana 6 the next field automatically focused, which made entering filters really quick - I could even press ENTER to confirm the filter type:


In Kibana 7 I need to explicitly click all the time:


Date pickers

This is where it gets REALLY bad in my opinion

Filtering a specific (absolute) date:


Now if I want to do the same in Kibana 7...


This is just terrible. MANY more clicks, and even typing manually to get to the end of the date. Tae alternative (00:00:00 the next date) is slightly less awful, but still much more convoluted due to having to explicitly select at time.

Honestly, how often do people even want to select a different date but keep the time?
And having separate widgets for start/end date/time makes everything slower because now instead of having a single widget where you do everything, you need to open the start date widget, select the date/time, then open the end date widget, and the same there, plus fixing the time...

Quick select

Kibana 6 had many convenient options there; in 7 there's just a few, and then there's "recently used date range" which could be useful if it included only the relative/quick options, but getting all the absolute ranges in here as well? Not particularly useful!

Hello Adrian,

No, you aren't the only Kibana user who has expressed this sentiment. Your best option would be to create an issue or 2, or add comments to already existent issues here. It's referred to internally as the EuiSuperDatePicker. Maybe you can help us make it more super?



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