Analyzer for numbers


I need to index string values which are usually composed like that : "marketing-num-0001234".

I would like to return this value when I search for "1234". It does not work as the indexed value is 0001234.

I would like to know if there is an analyzer/filter that allows me to index "1234" instead of "0001234" ?

I think it's not possible. IMO you should try to split first your text in structured data and generate a structure like:

  "first": "marketing",
  "second": "num",
  "num": 0001234

You could do that with a Grok filter in Logstash or from Elasticsearch 5.0 use a grok processor in an ingest pipeline.

My 2 cents

Ok thanks I think If there is no other option, I think I will have to wait until 5.0.