Analyzers and Tokenizers (Edge-NGram)

After performing a large migration, I came to realize that our Edge-NGram Tokenizer's max token is too small... Am I able to increase this without reindexing the entire index? Also.. How does increasing max size impact performance/hardware requirements?

 "settings": {
      "index": {
        "number_of_shards": "4",
        "provided_name": "568fe5d50965ef83899c5ca6-breadcrumbs_v1",
        "creation_date": "1522082871152",
        "analysis": {
          "analyzer": {
            "edgegram_analyzer": {
              "type": "custom",
              "tokenizer": "edgegram_tokenizer"
          "tokenizer": {
            "edgegram_tokenizer": {
              "type": "edge_ngram",
              "min_gram": "3",
              "max_gram": "10"
        "number_of_replicas": "1",
        "uuid": "nVVehVmMTum7FpH_XPjWaw",
        "version": {
          "created": "6020399"

I answered the first part of my question "can I change it". The answer is yes for whoever reads this in the future.

See last paragraph on

As for my second question that one is still a mystery. I am not certain how analyzers work, so I am not sure if modifying min/max settings has any performance/hardware implications?

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