Analyzing Windows Host Data - Lab

I have an issue with Analyzing Windows Host Data - Lab.

I could open Strigo page, then can not Access lab instructions

Also left the lab page open (30 min) and still the page is unreachable

Hi Fadi,

With this course's VM, there's an issue with the Docker containers that we use (they are sometimes not automatically brought up).

To resolve this, you can type the following in a Linux terminal in Strigo:

sudo docker start ca certs web elasticsearch01 elasticsearch02 elasticsearch03 kibana01

After a while, everything should be up and running, and you should be able to access the lab instructions and the Elastic Stack.

You may get a privacy error when trying to access Kibana ( NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID ), but you can ignore that and just move on to Kibana.

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Thank You .

Hello Guys!

I had the same issue with this Analyzing Windows Host Data course.
Time allocated for that lab already went over for me and with no success in following the course.

Could somebody help me providing those pre-built dashboars used in this lab? (I tired to find them some github repos but with no luck)
While doing the course below URLs were indicated do download pre-built dashboards, but that host was not reachable.

Thank you!

Hey SG,

Sorry to hear about your issues with this lab. I have shared the two files for you to download here:

No worries
Thank you for provided files!

Importing provided files to 7.6.1 Kibana version got some errors.

Support for JSON files is going away
Use our updated export to generate NDJSON files, and you'll be all set.

Could you provide NDJSON format or indicate how would be easier to translate them to newer format?

Thank you!

Hi George,

That message is just a warning. You should still be able to import the JSON files with Kibana 7.6.

If you want an NDJSON file, you can export the objects yourself from your Kibana instance, after you have imported them. That will then create an NDJSON file.


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Thank you Abdon!

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