Angular routing Kibana iframe

Hello All,

We've intregrated kibana pages into angular web application using iframe,Now the issue that we are facing is we need to redirect from our home page dashboard(monitoring) -conataining several url to designated dashboard.
EX:There is monitoring dashbord that conatins several url links ,on click of url it lands to associated dashboard,but challenge is the whole angular application loads again in iframe,
How can we achieve to redirect angular routing URL through markdown or other ways possible?

Kibana version 7.9.1

[{{# }}{{/ }}Open Tomcat Page In New Tab](http://xyz:8086/tps-web-ui/#/monitoring/tomcat)

When clicked on link in website it lands to correct dashboard but again the whole application loads.Below is the issue faced image.

2)Basic authentication is enabled and when user visits the website...Everytime it asks for userbame and password to be entered.We want to know some way this kibana authentictaion is bypassed without the use of reverse proxy like nginx.This has been longest issue been facing.

Would also like to understand if gone for latest paid version does authentication bypass can be done as its concerning to our env and won't like to use any proxy.

Any suggesstion would be helpful.

Many Thanks

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