Annotations in Time Series flicker if close to the edge


Hello everyone!

I'm using Kibana 6.4.0

I have a timeseries that shows some data, doesn't matter what it shows, then I have a annotation in that that writes out three different values from a machine learning run.
It shows, typical, actual and another value that it used, this becomes quite a long annotation.
The problem is that if this annotation is close to the "right edge" of the visualization then when you hover over the annotation it will overflow to the right and thus a scrollbar will be added, since a scrollbar was added the whole position of the mouse will be changed in relation to the annotation, so then the annotation is not hovered over anymore and thus the popup goes away and then the scrollbar is not needed so it goes away, but then the mouse is now on the annotation again so it comes back.

over and over, so it starts to flicker, looks horrible and is not usable.

Is this fixed in a newer version of kibana? is there any workaround, is it possible for me to add linebreaks in the annotation? can I force it to never show a scrollbar? or some other workaround.

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Is this the issue you're describing?

If so, it looks like the fix went into our next minor version, 6.6. If that is not the same issue you're describing, please file a new ticket in Github!

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