[ANNOUNCE] YCSB 0.2.0 Release

(Sean Busbey) #1

On behalf of the development community, I am pleased to announce the release of YCSB version 0.2.0.


  • Apache Cassandra 2.0 CQL support
  • Apache HBase 1.0 support
  • Apache Accumulo 1.6 support
  • MongoDB - support for all production versions released since 2011
  • Tarantool 1.6 support
  • ~5 additional datastore bindings in experimental status (including ElasticSearch)
  • Optional support for latency collection via HdrHistogram
  • Optional support for fixing coordinated omission

Full release notes, including links to source and convenience binaries:

This release is the first from the project in 3.5 years, so I'd recommend reading the release notes if you're a user.

The project is moving to a monthly release cadence, so hopefully future releases will be easier to incrementally consume.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Fantastic to see :smiley:

(system) #3