[ANNOUNCE] YCSB 0.3.0 Release

(Govind Kamat) #1

On behalf of the development community, I'm pleased to announce the
release of YCSB version 0.3.0.


  • Aerospike 3.5 support (new)
  • Apache Accumulo 1.6 support
  • Apache Cassandra 2.0 CQL support
  • Apache HBase 1.0 support
  • MongoDB - support for all production versions released since 2011
  • Tarantool 1.6 support
  • ~5 additional datastore bindings in experimental status (incl. Elasticsearch)
  • Several updates and fixes

Full release notes, including links to source and convenience binaries:


(Mark Walkom) #2

What's the ETA on Elasticsearch integration?

(Govind Kamat) #3

As mentioned in the release announcement, there is already an Elasticsearch binding built, packaged and shipped with the YCSB distribution.

However, we do need folks to test the binding and verify that it works properly and well. In addition, it would help someone in the Elasticsearch community takes ownership of the binding and ensures that it makes best use of any new features and capabilities in Elasticsearch.

This will help us promote the binding to a fully-supported status from "experimental". So, to answer your question, there is no specific ETA, it will happen as we have more community involvement in enhancing Elasticsearch support within YCSB. Any help would be most appreciated!


(system) #4