Any admin UI to manage elastic search?


Is there any UI/Plugin to manage elastic search in GUI?

Tasks I am looking forward that this plugin should include,

1.) Assigning roles
2.) Creating users
3.) X-pack integration with LDAP.

P.S: I don't have Google Chrome, but there is no much hope IE 11, which downloads a .json file.



x-pack does 1 and 2 in Kibana.

Alright, but even after creating the users like this, I couldn't able to try login with that.

./user useradd vijay -r superuser

I tried
curl - URL works
curl -u vijay:xyzabc123 - URL works

This doesn't make any difference so, what am I missing here?


This is not the same question.

I suggest you open a thread in #x-pack forum

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