Kibana Management missing Role Management

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In the current X-Pack documentation it says can manage roles and users in kibana:

Role Management UI
If you are a Kibana user, make sure to install X-Pack in Kibana. This enables you to easily manage users and roles from within Kibana. To manage roles, log in to Kibana and go to Management / Elasticsearch / Roles.

But when I go to management, the only options I have are for
Index Patterns, Saved Objects, Advanced Settings

Is there a plugin I need to install or a missing configuration or something? I have X-Pack installed for Kibana and Elasticsearch.

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What type of license do you have installed?

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Just the Basic License

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OK, I've found the part where I need to generate a trial license. But for some reason it says I'm ineligible to do this even though I've only had this installed one day and have installed the basic license.

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I got the trial license issue fixed from support. Although I'm still seeing the same behavior in Kibana on the management screen. Are those management features not available on the Trial license?

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A trial license should give you access to all features.

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Ok, so then I’m still at my original question. How do I access the Role Management UI in kibana?

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If you have verified that the current license is a valid trial license and have installed the X-Pack plugin in Kibana (including restart), I would verify that you have also installed X-Pack on Elasticsearch and that security is enabled in the Elasticsearch config. If all of that is OK after a full restart, I am not sure what else could be wrong.

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