Any plan for support opentracing baggage?

We are working on the Jaeger to Elastic APM migrating.
We are using the opentracing baggage in our system.
Everything works fine with Elastic APM except baggage.

Any plan for that?

Hi and thanks for your question. Out of curiosity: what are you using the baggage for in your application? Is it essential for you in order to be able to migrate or is it a (very?) nice-to-have?

Thank for replay.

We used it for propagating the context in our cluster between different service.
For example, the login user id, request id.

I knew we can do it manually by read it from HTTP header and add them to the next HTTP request.
But the baggage is useful for us.

For our migrating process, we need to rewrite all of these codes.

Elastic APM has the ability to propagate the tracing content, it looks easy to propagate baggage.
What's more, Elastic APM is compatible with opentracing specification, baggage is part of opentracing specification.

At the moment we don't have any plans to do this. I think if we were to support baggage, it would most likely be by implementing, which is not yet finalised.

Thanks for this info, we will do this part by ourself.

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