Any possibility of adding new UI components within the Kibana Dashboard?

Let's say I'm having few Kibana dashboards created upfront, and what I need to know is that will it be possible for me to add a UI component, for example a print button within the dashboard itself, in order for the user to print the dashboard externally? Apart from the feature to export it as a PDF, which is given by Kibana implicitly.

Any help could be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Currently Kibana does not offer such functionality. You would need to export to PDF and then print it.
You could of course try printing the page (from the browser) but that will probably not yield good results.

let me know if this answers your question.

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@ppisljar So as a developer point of view, the feature isn't available at the moment as I understood from your reply. Yup that's right, it'll be pretty much scattered. :smile:

Thanks for the quick response!

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