Any tutorials on using Angular 2 with Elasticsearch?


I'm specifically keen to learn about how to boostrap the elastic-js client inside of Angular 2 and implement auto-complete type functionality to give me a sense of how to pair elastic-js with Angular. I imagine there would be some great tips on how to leverage RxJS with elastic to deliver elegant search.

Have googled extensively and came up with nothing.

Any thoughts?


I'm not a pro, but to my mind you don't specifically need a client API when you are developping with Angular 2.

Why you don't just build a Service which address your needs, and send HTTP queries to your ES ?

You have to specifically use an API, or to use the 9300 port to send your queries ?


Agreed that's one way of doing it, but I would have thought that a client library could help with converting results into streams of data. Similar to the way you can oversee queries with GraphQL

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