Any workaround for request Entity Too Large in kibana

Hi I have an index pattern which currently has 4000 fields in it. whenever I try to refresh the index pattern, it ends up with " request Entity Too Large" error. When i try to see the request in chrome console, it's hitting the call to field_capabilities of that index pattern.

We are on AWS managed ES 5.3. we don't have access to set the server settings in kibana.yml. Is there any workaround in this case to refresh the index pattern without hitting "request Entity Too Large" error? thanks for your help

Is it getting to the point where Kibana sends an update request to Elasticsearch to update the index pattern document? If so you could grab the payload from your browser's dev tools and issue the request to Elasticsearch manually.

I know you said you don't have access to kibana.yml, but in case anyone else stumbles across this question I'll also mention that if you did, you could just increase the limit with the server.maxPayloadBytes setting.

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