API or similar to get data from Elastic into Excel

Is there an API or similar tool available to achieve the goal of getting live data from Elastic into Excel and updating it automatically?


Hi @HenrikTide,

Welcome to the community! To confirm, are you just wanting to extract data from Elasticsearch into Excel. By updating automatically do you just mean updates on the data appear automatically in Excel? Or are you expecting updates made in Excel to be applied on the document in Elasticsearch?

Hej Carly

Thank you for your response.
I want a connection from Elastic to Excel where my data can be fetched, so that I don't have to manually extract my data every time and insert it into Excel. For example, using an API connection that can use Excel's Power Query to transform the data.


Got it. Have you had a look at the Elasticsearch ODBC driver for Excel to see if that does what you need?

Thank you for the help, I will try it.

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