Index From Excel (Workplace?)

My team and I have an Excel database that constantly has new entries we need to put in. We want to avoid removing and reuploading the CSV file (replacing the index) each day we make an update. We are wondering if there is a way or integration that links to an Excel document so that when we make an update, it will automatically sync to Elastic.

One idea we were considering is hosting the document on Google Drive or SharePoint and if there was a way, connect that document to Elastic so it updates when we populate new rows of info.

Or perhaps we can make an application with an API feed that serves as a fillable form that then ingests the information into Elastic?

We are new to Elastic so we are actively trying to learn integrations and ways to injest data...

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I'd probably start with something like Zapier for this.

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Hey, thanks for the response! I’m looking at Zapier but maybe I’m not understanding correctly. It says it can automate actions, such as it does something if it detects a new input in excel, but I don’t see how it flows into Elastic. I’m searching for Elastic and Zapier integration and don’t see it.

You will want to use a HTTPS post, or something like that.
There's no native Zapier integration for Elasticsearch.

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