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I'm trying to use rest api to authenticate and logout session for Kibana.
1)The only api I can see to authenticate in kibana is https://localhost:9200/_security/user/jacknich Which responds with user role, metadata but doesn't provide session cookie which i can utilize for further requests.
How can i manage session by api ? Token authetication?

  1. How can i logout from current session of user by hitting some api?


Token authentication is the answer there, indeed.

Thanks Marius.
I have configured Security between E & K. (SSL enabled) Now they are running on https.
What will be next step for token authentication?
I was hitting POST /_security/oauth2/token with grant_type:password and basic auth credentials and I got

"type": "security_exception",
"reason": "current license is non-compliant for [security tokens]",

Will token authentication not work in Basic license? If not then how can i achieve session management by api without upgrading license.
ELK version : 7.6.2

Any idea? @Marius_Dragomir

The token service is Gold license and up, so it will not work with basic. As for workarounds, i don't really know of any.

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