Kibana logout is invalid

I‘m using
elasticsearch6.2.2 +xpack
kibana6.2.2 +xpack
following is kibana.yml

server.port: 5601 ""
elasticsearch.username: "elastic"
elasticsearch.password: "abcdef"

when I access
the browser ask me provide the user and the password
after inputing ,I can access kibana web .

The problem is when I logout,I write the url like directly into the browser 's address bar,the browser didn't ask my provide the user,password and I can access web without user ,password.

I think once logout,I must login again even though I didn't configure the session parameter.

Something about session,cookie I missed? Or I need configure some parameters in kibana.yml?
Do I need to delete the cookie manually?
thanks a lot!

The logout link should have worked. Is it possible you saved your credentials in your browser so it auto-logged you back in after you hit "logout"? What page do you see when you click "logout"? The login screen again?

I was not able to repro this. When I logged out, and then navigated directly to a kibana url, it redirected me back to the login page.

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Thank you very much!
Yes,I saved my credentials in my browser,when I click logout,it turn the login page.
Thank you for your reminder,I changed the browser and try it again,kibana asked my input user and pwd.
The problem solved!
Thanks again!

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