Xpack default user unable to logout

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We have installed Kiabna5.4.3 and installed the plugin Xpack, logged in as default xpack user . but we are facing an issue with logout. After logging out , if we access the same kibana url in another tab, the user is logged in automatically? Can someone please help how to logout the default user successfully?

(kulkarni) #2


Looks like the cookies are not being cleared. Are you able to reproduce this issue on an incognito window ?
Plz do a hard refresh on your browser and see if this problem reappears. I can logout of kibana logged in session in 5.4.3 successfully.


(vasanth) #3

Thanks for your response. We can reproduce the issue in incognito browser. we have cleared the browser history and deleted all the browser cookies. The issue remains the same. so please suggest how to overcome this issue.


(Tim Vernum) #4

What do you mean by default xpack user ?

(vasanth) #5

Thanks for your response Tim. When we install xpack plugin in kibana, the default user credentials to login to kibana are elastic/changeme(userid/password). I mean the default user is elastic, am I right?

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