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I have a kibana secured with SearchGuard and we also have an application written in Node which includes all types of user configs.

I want to show the user specific dashboards based on their permissions. One way to do this is use embed tags. But thats not very practical. Here is what I am trying to do

  1. Make curl call to get all visualizations and list them
  2. Once they are listed then display the actual visualization to the user.

I am able to do the first part easily. However I cannot get the "Visualization" for the charts or dashboards to work. If I do a make a CURL call to the dashboard with the name of the dashboard and set embed-true, it doesnt render. Any ideas how can I get Kibana visualizations to show in my own app?

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Not sure why you do not want to use embed tags? Visualizations and dashboards are complex and visual by nature and cannot be served as a response payload to curl. After you retrieve visualization/dashboard names and IDs via curl, you can easily dynamically embed iframes by swapping out the ID in the embed code.

<iframe src="http://your-kibana-instance/app/kibana#/dashboard/dashboard-id-here?embed=true&g=()" height="600" width="800">

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Problem with Embed tags is passing credentials no? I have auth enabled on it.

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