API to show kibana dashboards

I have a kibana secured with SearchGuard and we also have an application written in Node which includes all types of user configs.

I want to show the user specific dashboards based on their permissions. One way to do this is use embed tags. But thats not very practical. Here is what I am trying to do

  1. Make curl call to get all visualizations and list them
  2. Once they are listed then display the actual visualization to the user.

I am able to do the first part easily. However I cannot get the "Visualization" for the charts or dashboards to work. If I do a make a CURL call to the dashboard with the name of the dashboard and set embed-true, it doesnt render. Any ideas how can I get Kibana visualizations to show in my own app?

Not sure why you do not want to use embed tags? Visualizations and dashboards are complex and visual by nature and cannot be served as a response payload to curl. After you retrieve visualization/dashboard names and IDs via curl, you can easily dynamically embed iframes by swapping out the ID in the embed code.

<iframe src="http://your-kibana-instance/app/kibana#/dashboard/dashboard-id-here?embed=true&g=()" height="600" width="800">

Problem with Embed tags is passing credentials no? I have auth enabled on it.



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