Embed Kibana dashboards/canvas into my website

Hello everyone,

I have a question about Kibana dashboard/canvas use case. I have a website where my customers log in and where they can see their private data (tables mostly) regarding the machines they bought from me. What i want to achieve, is to embed into their private pages some charts generated with Kibana canvas (or dashboard) tool. The charts must be generated with the users private data i have stored also on Elastic.

I would also like to pass parameters (e.g. machine-A) and retrieve the charts based on that single machine.

Is there a way i can achieve this from backend code? I saw that there is an embed function but it does not work well with authorization. One could just change one parameter and see other users machines charts.


There is not really a simple solution to what you're doing right now. I guess if you could do the API authentication when loading the iFrame but you would still have to basically generate an api key for each user and then setup document level security for each so that they can only see data they have access too even if they look at the request and get the api key.

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