[APM Cloud] Error while changing output.elasticsearch.index - V7.13.4

I'm trying to add date to the apm report title using the following command:" output.elasticsearch.index: "apm-%{[observer.version]}-%{[processor.event]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}" but I'm getting configuration failed.

By default it is like this "apm-7.13.4-transaction-000189" and I want to put it like this
"apm-7.13.4-2022-08-01-transaction-000189", is it possible?

Prints attached.

@Jose_Sa You will also need to update setup.template.name and setup.template.pattern. For example:

setup.template.name: "apm-%{[observer.version]}-%{[processor.event]}-*"
setup.template.pattern: "apm-%{[observer.version]}-%{[processor.event]}-*"
output.elasticsearch.index: "apm-%{[observer.version]}-%{[processor.event]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"

For full details please refer to official docs.

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