APM license

I'm trying to understand the scope of the "Basic - Free forever plan" https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions .
I downloaded APM (and Kibana and Elasticsearch) and deployed them on premise.
All worked fine, after a couple of weeks I'm getting a message that the APM UI expired.

As far as I see from the pricing page, the APM has a version which is free forever (that I can use to evaluate if/until I decide to upgrade).

(tried contacting support but they simply sent me the link)

What version of the stack you are using
APM is part of the Basic subscription wish is free forever
Can you share the screen of the message ? are you using a trial platinium license that is expired ?
There was an issue on 7.2 regarding this error message, but that was fixed (chec it here)


@ylasri thank you for the quick response.
I'm using the latest version linked at the site.

Kibana 7.9.0 (Docker image)
Elasticsearch 7.9.0
Elastic APM 7.9.0

I had to restart the stack and now it no longer shows this error so I don't have the exact phrasing.
I'm not using trial platinum , as far as I'm aware of, I followed the Elastic APM instructions for on premise deployment.

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