ELK license model

Sorry to ask about very basic information.

Well, I have installed and configured ELK on my own server to ingest and analyze IIS logs and Windows events of few servers. Having a standalone ELK server is filling my needs for now.

But, I had some error messages about expired license, and I had to deinstall X-Pack. Have still this annoying message on Kibana saying my trial period has expired (that should be ackonledged every time I connect to).

Ok I tried to figure out what is exactly the ELK license model. What is really long-term free and what is not, among all modules ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, X-Pack, etc... Someone to clarify ? Web site is not really clear about all these free, basic, trial period, etc...

Edit : and what is the procedure to have a long-term free solution with/without updates and/or what is the very first level of licence to get minimal but functional solution ?


https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions should help.

What version are you on though?

Thank for answer.

  1. Well, from this page I have so many questions and the first one is what is the process to get a Basic edition license ?
  2. I have installed ELK from Yum repositories :

If you are running 6.3.X and above then you don't need to do anything! You get a perpetual Basic license included :slight_smile:

Thank again. But what about this warning every time I login ?

Edit : and from the Subscibtion page, why APM is disabled ?

At some point you must have triggered a trial license. Either you did that explictly on 6.3, or you upgraded from an earlier version of Elasticsearch where the default starting license was a trial.

You just need to switch back to a basic license through Kibana or the API

Edit : forget about this question. I found the answer in https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack-overview/6.3/ml-getting-started.html

  1. OK, the procedure require a license file ; where or how can I get a basic license file ?
  2. Should X-Pack be installed or can I use ELK without it ?


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