APM section UI in Kibana v7.11

Hello everyone

I updated my cluster to version 7.11.0 but in the APM section i cant understand the following 2 sectors. (see image attached as well)

  1. Where does this latency field refer to (see number 1)?

  2. Why throughput (see number 2) is 5 to 10 tpm..... while my real thyoughput is much greater in reality as number 3 shows to 300-400 tpm ?

Thank you

Hi there,

Question #1 around latency: it uses the field transaction.duration.us to calculate the average response time of the selected service.

Question #2 around throughput: the chart displays the transaction rate (transactions per minute). There was an issue in 7.11 with incorrect throughput values on the service overview page. This has been fixed in 7.12 and will be backported to 7.11.2.

Let me know if that answers your questions.

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Thank you very much. That covers me.

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