App-Search alerts and warning sample search response


"meta": {
        "alerts": [],
        "warnings": [],
        "page": {
            "current": 1,
            "total_pages": 20,
            "total_results": 200,
            "size": 10
        "engine": {
            "name": "search-engine",
            "type": "default"
        "request_id": "03f59190596021a7de47c05fc8db291ec"

Above is a sample search response, sometimes while searching we get alerts field which breaks our code, can you please give a sample response to how it looks like when we get alerts and warnings in response,

I wasn't able to find it in any documentation, so it would be of great help if some one from appsearch team shares a sample response.

Thank you,
Subhasis Dash

According to our OpenAPI spec (not sure if that's published publicly anywhere or not) warning and alerts are both string arrays.

In what way is it breaking your code?